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Winners of the 2024 bett award Primary Digital Learning Product: Language & Literacy

AI For Teachers

Harnessing AI to address Critical challenges for teachers, schools and mATs.

Transform how you teach english writing from age 5-18.

teacher workload overload

 Improve Teacher Workload & Wellbeing

Save hundreds of hours across your school with high quality, AI-generated marking and feedback on English writing. From 4 hours to 4 minutes

AI English Moderation and Marking

Marking & Moderation

Ensure consistency in marking across teachers, classes and schools, and simplify the moderation process with AI feedback, controlled by teachers

Engaging Student Writing

Improve Student Engagement
& Motivation

Beautifully illustrate students’ fiction and non-fiction writing to inspire, motivate and engage children

Simple AI Tools

Simplifying Generative AI Tools for teachers

Powerful, one-click AI tools for teachers to simplify adoption of AI benefits without learning AI prompts, while still staying in full control.

How does Olex.AI work for teachers?

A super simple, 3 step process means your teachers start benefiting from AI, at scale, across the entire classroom with minimal onboarding.


Set any
Writing assignment

  • Fiction or non-fiction
  • Primary, Secondary, FE, SEND and Alternative Provision
  • Use our writing prompts or create your own bespoke assignments
  • Set marking rubric including KS2, KS3, GCSE, iGCSE, AS and A Level
  • Our team can configure custom grading rubrics for your school or trust – British and International


Students submit
their essays

  • Typed, Speech to Text or handwritten with OCR recognition
  • Single Sign On with Google Classrooms and Microsoft Teams


1-Click Feedback and Assessment

  • Mark 30 students in <2 minutes:
  1. Individual feedback
  2. EAL translation of feedback
  3. Class level feedback
  4. Class level next steps
  5. Next steps Lesson Plan
  6. NEW! Imaginator: Engaging Illustration of essay
  7. NEW! Imaginator: StoryBooks to print and proudly bring home 
AI English Writing Assessment and Motivation


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